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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
I blog instead of scrapbooking in hopes of preserving a part of our life for the future.
We enjoy beach trips, going to Church and spending time together...all as a family...because that's what we are.

our VP miracle, Maggie

our VP miracle, Maggie
loves homeschooling, sign language, Jesus, reading, church, writing songs and dancing

our sweet Ellie

our sweet Ellie
loves her sister, going to church and the library, singing, babies, chocolate and being naked

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Pool Is Open

Big Daddy and I bought a pool for the girls on Friday evening and they have already enjoyed it SO much!!

They were in and out with balls and cups and water guns and just had the best time!

I've been battling migraine-ish headaches since last Tuesday and I think I may be getting better. I have been taking lots of medicine, but haven't been able to nap, which always seems to help. I had my first meeting for Week of Wonder ( Vacation Bible School) at church last night and managed to take a two hour nap before. To my surprise, I woke up feeling even worse. After medicine, caffeine and sunshine I felt like I could tolerate the pain and went to my meeting. I still had (and I'm still having) some pain and waves of nausea.

Of course, this week is super busy. Big Daddy's uncle passed away so we have a funeral tomorrow. Maggie has preschool graduation and Awana award night on Wednesday. We have our last Storytime on Thursday and we're meeting Big Daddy for lunch on Friday. We also have two birthday parties on Saturday. After this week, I think we'll be ready for our family beach trip!


Christina said...

Glad your girls are enjoying their pool. I've been thinking about getting my little guys one to play in for times when I can't get in the big pool at mom & dad's with them. I think they would really LOVE it! Hope your headaches get better and you guys have a wonderful week. So sorry to hear about BD's uncle passing:)

Tara said...

Y'all do have a busy week! The beach was so nice this past weekend and can't wait to go back but it's nice to get back home too. I need to buy a cheap little pool like that for Andrew. We have one of the big inflatable ones but there is no valve to drain it. It gets bugs and grass in it and has to be dumped. I'm not into that.

Sorry about those darn headaches! Hope you are feeling better!!

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