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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
I blog instead of scrapbooking in hopes of preserving a part of our life for the future.
We enjoy beach trips, going to Church and spending time together...all as a family...because that's what we are.

our VP miracle, Maggie

our VP miracle, Maggie
loves homeschooling, sign language, Jesus, reading, church, writing songs and dancing

our sweet Ellie

our sweet Ellie
loves her sister, going to church and the library, singing, babies, chocolate and being naked

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Babywearing

This is why I wear Baby Ellie.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're At Home...

Well, we're sort of at home! Imagine some landscaping after we're through the hot, dry days of summer.
Big Daddy and I moved a few things in after closing today and we'll be moving what we can this week. Our big move is this Saturday, so pray for nice weather.

This will probably be Big Daddy's favorite room because it will have a television! Of course, he has his own room. (The bonus room is his & my room is the laundry unfair!) We'll be getting new furniture in the next few months.
This is the kitchen. It's where I'll spend the majority of my time and it's my favorite room, so far. The stove is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, so I can't cook until then!
Even though The Muffin is used to living with stairs, she's nuts over these!! I think they will be her favorite part of the new house. I'll share pictures of her very pink room after the furniture is in this weekend.

And if you're wondering why I left Baby Ellie out, you'll see her favorite spot tomorrow in my "Wordless Wednesday" post. It's scheduled for auto publish because I'll be busy moving.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Much Stuff!

Big Daddy and I officially have our new house on the brain! That's all we've talked about all weekend.
We spent the first half of yesterday furniture shopping. Both girls behaved (with Baby Ellie in her sling) AND we ordered a new sofa. Big Daddy was having a hard time finding the "right one" but we finally found one that would work. After a trip to T@rget and lunch we came back to the little apartment where he changed his mind! So, he's calling to cancel the order today and we'll try again after we are more settled in. We don't have a lot of seating for the living room, but it's enough for us. Our love seat is only a couple of years old and we have so many things that we want to do and so much money to spend, so we'll wait for a big sale or something and hopefully get exactly the "right one". I got rid of so many things and gave away a few pieces of furniture, so we will be shopping pretty soon.
We had our walk through with the builder after church today and we should be closing on Tuesday morning if nothing crazy happens! After being inside the finished house today, Big Daddy and I are ready to move in! We'll be decorating things fairly slow, but I'll try to post a few pictures before we move in and there are boxes everywhere.
I'll probably be too busy for the computer most of this week. We are anxious to get settled in the house and get back to a normal routine. My top priorities will be getting The Muffin and Baby Ellie's rooms put together and getting all of the kitchen stuff where it belongs. We also have landscaping plans, but that may be put on the waiting list for cooler weather. We'll be watering the lawn and worrying about that before trying to plant flowers and shrubs and such.

And just for fun, here are our two crazy ladies before church this morning! Baby Ellie decided to dress down so that she would be extra comfortable!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Hop '09

Because I absolutely adore Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife, I'm joining in on Blog Hop '09. Well, that and both kids are asleep and there's nothing on tv. It's being co-hosted by Robin over at Pensieve.

A little about me...I'm a SAHM/W to a hard-working husband and our two little girls. My husband (Big Daddy) and I have been married for nine years. The Muffin is our three year old, and Baby Ellie is our newest addition. (She's almost 7 weeks old now. I say almost, because she already seems to be growing way too fast!!) Once upon a time I was a real estate broker, but now I'm The Mommy.
I started blogging because...of my aunt. A couple of days after she found out that we were expecting baby #2, she emailed me all about my new in she did everything and just told me to start posting. It's sort of become the scrapbook for our family because I'm not a scrapbooker! I blog about our daily lives and most recently, my pregnancy, the birth of Baby Ellie and our move back to my hometown and looking for a new church.
All about the name...I imagine that my Aunt Lisa came up with the name because we were expecting a sweet, little baby and all babies are miracles! Our sweet Muffin is especially special and such a miracle! She survived undiagnosed vasa previa. This is a condition that is very life threatening and often goes undiagnosed. Luckily, The Muffin was delivered by emergency c-section and survived without any effects! This was such a miracle. After her birth, we were told that the placenta had a succentriate lobe and that we also had velamentous cord insertion. Then, there's Baby Ellie. She is the baby that we talked about, planned for, prayed for, tried for and received. She was born by VBAC and you can read all about that on my blog. I think she completes our little family. You'd have to follow my blog to see if that's true!

The Week Ahead

My parents are coming to get the armoire from The Muffin's room so that it can get a fresh finish on it and be ready for her new, pink room. My nephew and I found her little antique night table in our storage unit and took it to my mom's to be painted too.
Yesterday, we (me, Mom, The Muffin and Baby Ellie) spent a few hours after lunch shopping and trying to get together a few things for the new house. I picked up a rug for the living room and found one that I like for the formal dining area. I found lots of fabric that I like for new curtains, but decided to wait until I'm sure of the colors I'll be using.
Saturday, Big Daddy and I are taking both girls shopping for new living room furniture. Some of our living room furniture will be moving to the bonus room. I'll probably get a rug that I found a couple of weeks ago to go in the breakfast area of the kitchen.
I want a new comforter or quilt for the master bedroom, but I think I'll wait.
Baby Ellie has nearly everything for her new room...her first room ever.
I have to find tables for the living room a.s.a.p. I gave my old ones away when we started moving out of the house.
We're meeting the builder after church on Sunday to go over everything and then we'll be measuring for an entertainment center and the dining room rug.
Today, I started packing a few things up...again. We are SO looking forward to saying goodbye to this apartment. It hasn't been that bad. I've only cleaned a couple of times...really. I'm looking forward to getting in the new house and wanting to clean again.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I'm finally on board for JoLynne's "What I Learned This Week Carnival". Here are a few things that I learned this week...some with pictures!

  • I really, really, really miss our old town, our old friends and our old church.
  • Having a play date with The Mommies, their boys and our other mommy-friend just made me miss them even more.
  • Two's enough, but having three can be so much fun and easier than I imagined. At least three is fun when it's a visit from Cousin Callie and not a permanent resident.

  • Even though we swear that our kids have missed each other over the past 7 weeks, they still go their separate ways. I guess it's because they're all three years old.

  • Six weeks of Baby Ellie really flew by, even though it seems like she's always been with us. I love her silly faces! (and yes, she's wearing a boy bib)

  • Seven weeks of living in this temporary apartment has felt like an eternity.
  • Going to see my midwife for my six week check-up sort of made me miss being pregnant since I was the only one in the waiting room without a baby belly.
  • I don't miss being pregnant enough to plan for a third baby...yet.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Maggie (a.k.a. The Muffin), Baby Ellie, Cousin Callie

They're what I'm doing today.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Play dates

The Muffin and I had our play date on Friday. It was, as The Muffin put it, "awesome"! The picture above sort of sums up how the kids acted at the playground after lunch. They sort of went their separate ways, but I know they were happy to be together again. The Muffin and I were pleasantly surprised when another one of our Kindermusik friends made our lunch and play date. I think Muff enjoyed having another girl along!
As for The Mommies, we were happy to be together, although we weren't able to visit with each other as much as we might have liked to. The kids behaved well at he restaurant and the park, but they are all three years old, so we stayed a little busy. I'm already looking forward to doing it again!
Tomorrow, Cousin Callie will be with us, so I'll have three crazy girls! My parents went away for the weekend, so Callie is all ours tomorrow. This evening my sister has taken the two big girls to play mini golf. Yesterday, we all had a picnic for lunch, went out to dinner in the evening and then had ice cream. Today after church my brother-in-law grilled chicken and pork chops and we had lunch together. The Muffin has loved spending so much time with Auntie Charles, Cousin Callie & Uncle Duh-Duh, but she also misses Nana & Pawpaw. As we are missing our old town, this weekend has been a nice reminder of all of the positives of moving to be closer to family.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Weekend Ahead

I'm counting Friday as part of the weekend, but only because life as a SAHM sort of took my "I'm so excited about the weekend" attitude away. My weekends are full of the same stuff my weekdays are made of, just with a side of Big Daddy, church and more family time.

The Muffin and I are embarking on the one hour journey back "home" tomorrow. Our first stop will be the Ob/Gyn office for my 6 week check-up. I've got to decide whether or not I'm going to switch doctors and discuss that with Midwife Rita. I. Heart. My. Midwives. I totally trust and love them. If we aren't going to have any more babies I'll only be going once a year for a physical so I could drive the drive and have a great excuse to visit my friends. If something happens down the road and we want another baby then I'd have to switch doctors and I'd be heartbroken to leave them during a pregnancy. Through my research I've found that there aren't many midwives around our new hometown.

After the midwife visit we're meeting The Mommies and their boys for lunch and play! I cannot tell you how excited I am to see these girls! A is pregnant (due in November) and I haven't seen her since the day after Baby Ellie was born. She called almost constantly during my first day of labor and she was the first person I called after Baby Ellie came out...before I passed out. She checked on me daily the first week or so that we were home and she always said exactly what I needed to hear. K relocated during her last few weeks of pregnancy to be near family, so we have a lot in common too. These were the first real Mommy-friends that I had that made me feel normal! We met in Kindermusik and carried that over to Gymnastics and playdates. They have truly made the journey of mothering a crazy toddler so much better. We can talk about anything together, but we usually end up talking about our husbands and our kids.

Big Daddy has been working 16+ hour days this week. That means that he gets home after the kiddies are asleep and when I'm absolutely dead on my feet. I'd hoped that we could run a few "fun" errands this Saturday, but he informed me that he may need to work a little. Our conversation this week has consisted of a couple of phone calls a day, lasting no more than two minutes and a little talk about the girls as we're falling asleep. Even though we've left The Muffin or Baby Ellie with my mom several times, we've yet to do anything really fun. I'd hoped that we could do something for my birthday, but we'll be doing our big move that day.

On Sunday, I plan to go to church (probably my parents' church) and rest. Big Daddy had planned on visiting a new church on his own (to "test drive" it for us) but he may be too tired.

Doesn't that sound like fun!?
What are you doing?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy and Sad News

First, the happy news!!
As I was catching up on "news" this morning (both girls were asleep), I saw where People is reporting that Renee Zellweger is "packing it on" for another Bridget Jones!!! I'm not sure why I love movies that are somewhat British, but I do. I'm also a big fan of "Love Actually" and "Notting Hill", just to name a couple.
And for the really happy news...The Muffin and I have a playdate for Friday! It's not just a playdate for her, but it's for me too. We'll be spending a little quality time with The Mommies and their boys after we finish at the Ob/Gyn office. In other words...I get to see my friends!!!! I know the time will pass too quickly and we will have to focus on our kids, but I'm so excited to see my girls! We'll be moving during our next scheduled meeting (a.k.a. a birthday party) so I'll miss out. We're also planning to visit my old real estate office, ride by our old house and stop in to see Gammy Gladys and Paul. After all of our visiting we'll be getting back "home" to Baby Ellie and Big Daddy. I wish they could come along, but Big Daddy must work and Baby Ellie doesn't love to ride in the car just yet. She'll be getting spoiled at Nana's.

And for the sad part of the post...Robert Redford has just remarried! If you don't know, I fell in love with him during my sophomore English class. My teacher, Ms. Morris, made me do it. She had a great affinity for Robert Redford and I guess it passed on to me when we read and watched "The Great Gatsby". Big Daddy took me to see "Up Close and Personal" because he was in it and I've seen "All the President's Men" countless times. If I ever have a dog, I'd like to name him Redford...or Hamnet after Shakespeare's son.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

It's hard to believe how these two girls are already ganging up on me!
When one sleeps the other wakes up.
When one needs me, they both need me.
I love having sisters!!

(Please notice The Muffin's black eye. She tripped over a flip flop and hit her eye on the closet. All of it could have been prevented if only her flip flops had been in the closet.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I'm joining JoLynne's carnival again this week. Here are a few things that I learned this week.

  • I must start walking or doing some kind of exercise other than run up and down the hallway to get baby stuff that I need. If I don't do something, I'll never lose those last 6 pounds.
  • Baby Ellie has a "big head"...or so her pediatrician said at her 1 month check-up. I think big heads are cute.
  • The Muffin loves sleepovers at Nana's house.
  • I think I have another UTI. I'm going to try and wait until my scheduled midwife appointment before I seek treatment.
  • When Big Daddy works late, I can handle cooking dinner, feeding, cleaning up, bathing and putting both girls to bed by myself...barely.
  • While Big Daddy doesn't really help with any of the above mentioned stuff, he distracts one little girl while I work on the other one.
  • No matter what, I can never get enough sleep.
  • Having an old friend call you out of the blue can so brighten your spirits. Even if he calls during one of the most chaotic times of the day.
  • I have a hard time making decorating decisions.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Losing It

So...Baby Ellie was born 5 weeks ago and I'm back in pre-pregnancy clothes (at least the pre-pregnancy clothes that were still fitting at the end of last summer) but I need to lose a few (6) pounds to be at my pre-pregnancy weight and to feel comfortable. Luckily, this weight came off with absolutely no effort, but I think the effortless weight loss has come to an end. To reach my real weight goal, I'd like to lose 15 pounds. I've lost weight before, so I know I can do it, but I'm definitely lacking will power more now that I'm a SAHM of two.
We are planning to get back into our routine of taking a family walk every evening. For some reason, that has been so hard while living in the apartment. Our new neighborhood is a great place for walking, so my mom and sister are planning to come over for walks in the evening. I'm even thinking that I may do a little jogging/running alone after the kids are in bed...maybe. It may be a little more realistic to say I'll be running from them!

If you have any weight loss/exercise advice, spill it!

One More Week

The Muffin had a sleepover with Nana and Callie last night and Baby Ellie slept all.night.long. From 11:00 until 6:30 this morning. It was a little dreary outside and I could have stayed in bed all day. Of course, I didn't. My sister and I and I met the builder at 7:00 this morning to make sure that the carpet I'd chosen was the right color before it was installed. (It was!) The hardwood floors are partially finished and the front door will be finished soon. I think the kitchen has even more cabinets than I remembered and the granite counter tops are beautiful! God even sent some much needed rain to help our newly-seeded lawn grow grass! By this time next week, the house should be complete and we will be waiting on the appraisal and all of the mortgage stuff to be complete. I'll probably start packing up a few clothes and we'll be preparing to move...again.

My mom and I went furniture shopping on Saturday with The Muffin and Baby Ellie. Ellie slept in her sling (not that many people stared) or car seat the whole time and The Muffin behaved well overall. I found lots of stuff that I like, so once I win the lottery, I'll be hitting the stores! Big Daddy and I aren't going to be buying a lot and we want to wait until we are moved in and somewhat settled before we make any major purchases or decorating decisions. We are so excited about this next chapter in our crazy lives!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


These girls are totally kicking my butt. One "needs" to ride her bike and the other just needs me.

I could eat both of them up.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I Learned This Week...I'm finally back!!

I'm finally back to join JoLynne's "What I Learned This Week" carnival. My life has been crazy and I have learned so much, so I'll focus not only on this week, but on the past couple of months.

  • Being very pregnant, temporarily single and having a three year old is a challenge.
  • The recovery from my VBAC wasn't nearly as easy as my previous c-section recovery.
  • I'd rather have a vaginal birth over a c-section even though it was tough.
  • I'm far more capable than I think I am.
  • Moving is NOT fun.
  • Moving a week before your due date is just plain crazy.
  • Apartment life is not for our little family of four. We need our new house to be finished...yesterday.
  • I miss Michael Jackson.
  • The Muffin thinks that he used to be a boy, but is now a girl. But she knows who he is and I could not say that about her before his death. Hopefully, she'll love his music just like we do.
  • Living near my family is such a blessing.
  • Trying to find a new church is so hard.
  • Missing our old church is harder.
  • We are all homesick for our old house and our old town.
  • Baby Ellie completes our little family. I'm pretty sure.
  • Buy a toddler a bike=have a happy toddler...for a while.
  • The Muffin is okay when we leave her alone with strangers while at church.
  • Wearing Baby Ellie in a sling makes my heart happy.
  • The Muffin really loves being a big sister.
  • I have time to read blogs, but I cannot seem to find the time to comment and that makes me feel bad.

Ellie Grace at 1 month old

Pardon our bad case of infant acne!!! Isn't she sweet, though!?!
Yesterday, Baby Ellie celebrated her one month birthday!! Today she had her one month check up with our new pediatrician. He was very nice and the office is fabulous! The Muffin is going to LOVE going there!

6-6-09 weight 8 lbs length 21.5 inches long
7-7-09 weight 9 lbs, 10 ounces length 21.5 inches long

Baby Ellie currently enjoys, milk, being swaddled or held, going for walks while being carried in her sling, looking at ceiling fans and lying naked on her Mommy & Daddy's bed.

Even though we've only had her (outside Mommy's belly) for a month, we couldn't imagine our lives without her. She is loved beyond belief.

Monday, July 6, 2009


So far today...
-The Muffin is behaving SO well.
-Baby Ellie is actually taking a nice morning nap.
-I'm dressed and ready to go to the grocery store with both girls.
-I have a few ideas of what I'll be cooking for dinner this week.
-I've made it 12+ hours without going to my mom and dad's house. I think we'll try to stay at the apartment all day today.
-I'm dreaming of a nap.
-There's a load of laundry in the dryer.
-I actually watched part of the news.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mama's Little Firecrackers

We finally came up with something special to do for the first part of our day! The Muffin, Cousin Callie, Baby Ellie and Big Daddy & me went to the city's 4th of July celebration in the park. We had hot dogs and watermelon and the two big girls played in bounce houses and wore their bathing suits so that they could get sprayed by the fire truck's hoses. The little girl slept in her sling and was stared at...a lot. Once again I'm wondering if people have never seen a baby being worn in a sling. Oh, I forgot to mention that Baby Ellie also wore her swimsuit!

This would be The Muffin's "I want candy" smile.

Our littlest star spangled sweetie is 4 weeks old today!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday With Words

This just may be our snapshot for the summer of 2009!
It's such a blessing to be near my family and to have a fun place to hang out during the day...much better than being in the apartment, alone with two kids. My mom is making up for all of the summer days that she missed when we lived in Sanford.
The Muffin and her cousin, Callie played in the pool that Nana had for them. Baby Ellie napped on a blanket under the shade tree in the back yard...for the third day this week. Then we eat lunch, watch The Young and the Restless and I pack up the kids and we go home for nap. Once we move into the new house (hopefully the end of July or first part of August) we'll have to move the party over there.


Thanks so much to those of you that left kind comments on my last post. We are hanging in there. Having Baby Ellie in the middle of all of the moving chaos has been so hard. Of course, we knew that having two children would be harder than one, but The Muffin has had so much going on in her life. Luckily, she's absolutely in love with Baby Ellie and doesn't seem jealous (yet) at all. Now if we could just get her to not be jealous of her cousin Callie!
And, for those of you that say three is easier than two, we aren't planning to find out about that. I think Big Daddy and I are completely comfortable saying that Baby Ellie completes our little family. I guess there's always a chance that God will have other plans or that we could change our minds, but we are comfortable with this decision for now. We'll give it a while to all sink in and then we'll make a" permanent" decision.
As for my recovery, I think I'm starting to get better. My second UTI isn't causing me too much discomfort. It was mild in comparison to the other one. Now that I seem to be over that pain, I can say that I feel almost normal "down there". I still say that my c-section recovery was easier than this VBAC with a long labor and an episiotomy, but I'd gladly chose to have a vaginal delivery over another c-section any day. Since I had back labor and Baby Ellie was positioned the wrong way for my "great" pelvis (that's what my midwife Peg called it) and got stuck and probably should have been born via c-section, my tailbone may take a few more weeks to heal. Peg had one of her four children under the same circumstances and she promised a long recovery for my tailbone. At least, the private area is healing nicely!

Anyway, The Muffin and Baby Ellie are asleep and I'm recharging my batteries for the rest of the evening.
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