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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
I blog instead of scrapbooking in hopes of preserving a part of our life for the future.
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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wrapping Up the Weekend

I thought I would take a minute to share our exciting weekend. And by exciting, I mean not that exciting.

Saturday- Baby Ellie decided to start Saturday morning off at a little after 5:00am. She made the decision to start Friday morning off the same way. Mommy is not amused. I had fed her twice during the night and then around 5:00, she was ready to smile, laugh and play. She went back to sleep around 6:30 and of course, The Muffin was up and ready to go around 7:00. Big Daddy took her into the living room to watch "Ellie Mae movies" (a.k.a. "The Beverly Hillbillies") and I was allowed to sleep in until about 8:15. I was able to enjoy my nice comfy bed and listen to Baby Ellie talk and squeal at her daddy and big sister for 15 minutes before I couldn't go another minute without my coffee. It was pure bliss. We were all outside at a little after 9:00. Big Daddy and I pulled up dead weeds and filled in holes in the yard while Ellie enjoyed sitting in her bouncy seat and The Muffin did all sorts of stuff. (We made an appointment with the yard man to sew new grass seed for Monday, so we had to do this even in the muggy, misty weather) We came inside, had lunch and spent a little time playing in Big Daddy's room upstairs. Todd the Mailman surprised me by delivering the frames that I bought after I won a giveaway from Just Simply Southern. They are pretty and I'll try to share pictures soon. After lunch and naptime, we went shopping. Big Daddy needed a few things and we wanted an excuse to go to the big city and have dinner out. We made a poor choice for dinner, but were able to try a restaurant that we had been wondering about. Lesson learned and we will never eat at this place again.

Sunday- Baby Ellie was up two times again during the night. Both times she quickly went back to sleep, but as soon as I would put her in the bed her little legs would go up in the air and she'd grab onto her little toes. it was cute, but I just wanted her to go back to sleep. After a couple of times, I went back to bed and listened to her wiggle around on the baby monitor. She wiggled herself back to sleep both times. She was up again at 5:00, but I left her in her room until about 5:30 when she started getting vocal. I normally get up at 6:00 on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday for church or preschool, so we were actually ahead of schedule. The muffin was up right after 6:30 and then I heard Big Daddy in the shower. We were all dressed and ready to go on time! We arrived at church, left Ellie in the arms of an old friend that was staying in the nursery, grabbed our pager and dropped Muff off in her class. I was so ready to sit and enjoy the praise and worship service! Before the sermon even started, Big Daddy handed me the vibrating pager. He helped me find my way back to the preschool wing and we peeped in Muff's room. She was fine, but I could hear Baby Ellie...screaming. They had given her bottle and then she started crying. They didn't want to page us, but I was so glad that they did. Big Daddy went back to the service and it took me a few minutes to get Ellie settled and then she fell asleep.
I felt so good the other week when she stayed in the nursery. Having to be paged made me feel so bad! Of course, I wanted to be with her if she was inconsolable, but I want her to be happy at church. She is very much aware of when I leave the room and I'm the one that feeds her 99.9% of the time...and helps her get to sleep...and pretty much does everything for her.
The Muffin had a great time and that was so nice to here. She has had a hard time trying to get used to a new church while missing her old church. I have been worried about all of the old things that she had to say goodbye to and all of the new things that she's had to get used to. I know everyone says that children are resilient, but I know that she misses things from our old life just like me and her daddy.

So, now I'm praying that Baby Ellie will do well next week in the nursery so that Big Daddy and I will feel comfortable enough leaving her for two hours so that we can find a Sunday school class. I'm praying that The Muffin will learn to love this church (which I think she is) and make new church friends and that Big Daddy and I will find a class that we enjoy as much as we did our old one. We are all having to open up our hearts and embrace new things.

The Week Ahead- The Muffin has school pictures at preschool tomorrow and I'm going to get my driver's license changed to reflect my new address. After that, Muff and I will be going to the pediatrician's office so that she can get the flu vaccine (we're trying the nose spray this year). I think a Sweet Tea will be needed after this dramatic event!
Baby Ellie will be with Nana until lunch tomorrow. She'll have her picture taken at preschool on Wednesday. The girls will be wearing giraffe print pants ( a gift from my sister), so I'm very excited!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!

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