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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
loves her sister, going to church and the library, singing, babies, chocolate and being naked

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Here...

I have sort of been waiting for us to get one of the many "bugs" that's going around and it finally happened!

On Sunday afternoon Big Daddy and I took the girls outside to play. It was a little cool and breezy so we were only outside for a few minutes. After we came in, I started getting a sore throat and Big Daddy did too. It wasn't long before he was huffing and puffing and acting "ill and hateful" (as Maggie says) over what appeared to be nothing. I finally got tired of the way that he was acting and asked what in the world was wrong with him. He said, and I quote, " Haven't you noticed? I've been sick for the past hour".

That sort of sums up how my sweetheart is when he's sick. He continued to get worse and had a fever on Monday, but seems to just have a cold. One of my friends calls it a "man-cold". He was raised to think that the common cold is like a debilitating disease. He also states each and every symptom he has and repeats it every few minutes...just like his mom does. (I'm freezing, my head hurts and my throat is sore. 1 hour later, I'm still freezing, my throat is sore and my nose is runny.)

On Tuesday evening I left Big Daddy alone with the kids so that I could go to the store to get NyQuil for him. When I came back Maggie was on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and complaining of all of the same symptoms as her father. I told her to get ready for her bath and she jumped up and acted normal. After bath, she fell asleep on the couch which she does once in a while when she's had a long day with no nap. I was still trying to decide if she was being a copy cat or coming down with something. Around 1am Wednesday morning, she woke me up because she was cold and I could tell she had a fever. When we woke up for the day couldn't really sit up because she felt "so bad" and spent the entire day on the couch wrapped in a blanket...except for when she ventured into the kitchen to vegetate in the floor while I fixed lunch. That's when she threw up everywhere.

Thursday morning around 1:30 am is when Maggie and Ellie started taking turns waking me up. They both had fevers. Ellie would sleep for a few minutes and then start crying. I was able to get around 3 hours of sleep. Ellie spent the day crying for an hour and then playing for two hours and then crying for another hour. Maggie was able to eat a little and talked some so I could tell that she was feeling better. They both went to sleep and I ran to the couch for a nap. Of course, ten minutes later Ellie was awake.

That brings us to Friday. Ellie woke up several times during the night, starting at 10:50. She was up for the day at 5:00 and had been up numerous times before then. Maggie woke up a little before 6:00 with no fever. The girls have played quite a bit today and Ellie has only cried for about an hour and a half. I'm still in my jammies and about to take a nap myself...hopefully.

I have spent most of the day trying to decide if I should take Ellie to the doctor or wait until tomorrow. The office doesn't take appointments on the weekend, but I won't mind waiting if she's still sick. I'm hoping this is a 24 hour thing and will be out of her system by then. If I go to the doctor she may catch something even worse.

Feel free to pray that everyone gets better soon and that I will not catch it. If I do, I'm going to post my symptoms every hour!

Stay Healthy!!


Tara said...

After trying to give Andrew a bath this morning with no success, Dwight comes in the room this morning and starts to climb in the bed saying he was feeling weak. I told him to not climb in the bed. Andrew is still sick and I've been caring for him all week on top of my regular duties and being sick myself. It's gotta be a man thing to almost die over a cold...what would happen if all the mother's of the world did the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you must be exhausted!!! I hope that EVERYONE feels better soon so you can get some sleep!

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