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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Because they're BOTH asleep!!!

The Muffin woke up super-early this morning and put herself in the bed for a nap a few minutes ago. Baby Ellie is a sleepy head and has been napping for a couple of hours. She'll be up soon to eat and maybe play, but probably sleep some more. I thought I'd take another minute to tell you all about our lives right now.

We are living in this little apartment and it's getting to all of us. Our new house will seem megaginormous after living here. I cannot wait to get into a nice, roomy kitchen again. It seems I'm not the only one that is excited about the new kitchen!

Big Daddy decided to go back to work last Wednesday. I didn't really need him anymore, but I wanted him. I had my crazy-lady post partum days on Sat, Sun & Mon, so I was feeling pretty stable by Wednesday. My sweet Mommy-friend April called everyday to check on me and the girls. My Mommy-friend Kristin also called. Their support meant so much!! For the most part, I have things under control when I'm alone with both girls. Cooking dinner seems to be the biggest challenge and the tiny apartment kitchen only makes matters worse.

Our house should be complete in 6 weeks or so. I managed to pick out the light fixtures last Monday. I begged the store employees to do it for me, but they wouldn't. Baby E stayed with Nana and The Muffin and her daddy played with doorbells in the store while I pondered over silver, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. (I'll post pictures of the inside after things are finished)

I was in serious pain after a couple of hours walking the floors trying to pick things out. I thought I had tried to do too much, but I had bad pain again for the next few days. I decided that I had some dreadful, rare complication from the episiotomy and decided to call my midwife on Thursday night. I was told to go to the office on Friday morning. Big Daddy took the day off work, The Muffin went to Nana's (AGAIN!) and Baby E camped out in her carseat. Long story made short, I had a UTI.

Baby Ellie sleeps a lot. She was diagnosed with classic "sleepy baby" syndrome in the hospital. Just kidding, but everyone would say, "She's just a sleepy baby.". She grunts and laughs and smiles and frowns so sweetly while she sleeps. On the rare occasion that she's grumbly, I can put her in the sling and she goes right to sleep. I enjoy wearing her (I think she likes it too-see picture below!) so much more than wrestling with a stroller and The Muffin. The sling also keeps strangers and their germs at bay. She "lost" her umbilical cord this morning and was so excited that she stayed awake to play a while! Her belly button is SO cute!

The Muffin seems to be adjusting to things pretty well. (She has been having huge temper tantrums, but she is three!)She wants to go to her "old room" and her "old house" and she misses her friends and our old neighbors. Big Daddy and I do too. I didn't know it would be so hard for us to move. I thought this town would just feel like home since it's where I grew up, but it doesn't. I miss my Mommy-friends and I miss the things that Muff and I used to do that Baby E will miss. Big Daddy is desperate to find a fountain that the girls can play in. We spent lots of time in the fountain at The Depot Park in Sanford. We are hoping that this will feel like home once we move into the new house and The Muffin gets her VERY pink room.

Big Daddy & I are fairly certain that Baby Ellie is our last little blessing. Neither of us can really commit to saying that there's not another baby in our future. My recovery from this VBAC was not nearly as wonderful as I'd thought it would be. I actually think that my c-section recovery was a lot easier. That being said, the VBAC was worth all of this and I'm so glad that I tried (and tried and tried) it and that my midwives were so supportive of my wishes.


Tara said...

ohhh love the new house and I do know where you were talking about yesterday. my cousin lives in that area. it's been too long since i've "lived" there and heard all those names. can't wait to see the progress and the pink room.

Christina said...

So glad to see a post from YOU!! We've missed you. I know it will still take some time to learn to juggle 2 babies and blogger, but please make time for us again soon!

So sorry your VBAC recovery didn't go as well as you'd hoped for! I can't imagin a c-section being easier, but other than the uterine atony, I've never had any problems, and as soon as that baby popped out I felt like a new woman!! I actually went shopping (for girl clothes) the day after I came home from the hospital when Alan was born...
Good Luck...Hope you are feeling like your old self very soon!

Joy said...

Ellie is so stinking cute, she's getting me all excited to see my newest little girl!

Sorry things are so hard in the apartment (I can DEFINITELY sympathize!). But I'm glad you have an end in sight with a beautiful home to boot!!!

Lisa said...

your little house is so adorable! You sure have had a lot of changes since we first "met"! Baby Ellie is so precious Jamie. :) I am so happy for you! that's too bad, you got the UTI. ouch. Hope you are doing better! Can't wait to see more pics of the baby and the house!!

LaLaLisa said...

Lovin that pic of Baby Ellie in the sling.....

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