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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cloth Diaper Update

Well, 24 hours and two stinky diapers later and I still LOVE these bumGenius 3.0 diapers!!!
Baby Ellie greeted with me with a dirty diaper after her afternoon nap yesterday. I had just asked my mom how she handled our dirty diapers when we were little. I must say, it wasn't that bad. Of course, I do have a history of dealing with poo, so...I've seen worse.
These are not your mama's cloth diapers! My mom and Callie were coming over to hang out today and since Baby Ellie was asleep anyway, I decided to take The Muffin and run a few errands. I went over what I do with a used diaper and how the bumGenius diapers work with my mom. She seemed a little puzzled and overwhelmed so I showed her where the disposables were. My mom would probably have felt more comfortable with a pack of G.erber prefolds and some rubber panties because that is what she did with me and my sister when we were babies.
There are so many options with cloth diapering these days and I really think there is a cloth diaper to suit every parent. I used cotton training panties (panties that have a thick panel) and rubber training panties when The Muffin was ready to potty train. I did not want to spend money on P.ull Ups and I look at them as basically being a diaper anyway. This gave me a little experience with the rubber bloomer option.
BumGenius diapers are SO easy! You put the BumGenius diapers on the same way you do a disposable, so that part doesn't change. They are so soft on the inside! The part that touches the baby feels like soft fleece. They look a little bulky, but you realy can't feel a difference. The liner of the bumGenius diaper wicks the moisture away so well that it's hard to even tell if the diaper is wet at first. The 3.0 is fully adjustable so it is supposed to fit Ellie until she's potty trained. Talk about saving money!!
For now I'm taking the microfiber insert out of the diaper and putting both into a small trash can lined with a T.arget bag. The stinky diapers are being dunked in the potty and then placed into a reusable wet bag (waterproof bag made for putting used cloth diapers in) and then everything will go into the wash. I'm using this detergent to wash it all in. I've got to get another wet bag for the wet diapers, but recycling old bags works for now. You can check Etsy for homemade cloth diapers, wet bags and other accessories.
Later today, I'll start using my first reusable wipes. Mine are actually just baby washcloths that I bought in bulk. I'll probably be using Steph's recipe for this.

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Christina said...

Wow!! You are a brave, brave woman!! Cloth diapering and reusable wipes sounds like a lot of work, but if you have the time and dedication I'm sure it can be a real money saver!

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