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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Change of Heart

Vaccines- What was I thinking???
This has been a crazy week and in the middle of it all I feel like flu shots are every single place I go. They were even doing flu shots at the grocery store the other day!
When Maggie was about 8 months old (her first Christmas) my mom had a horrible case of the flu. I immediately called my pediatrician and felt an urgent need to get Maggie vaccinated. She has had the flu vaccine each year since and I was vaccinated while I was pregnant with Ellie. This year, I have made the decision for all of us to skip it.
I've read LOTS of information on it and just feel comfortable with my decision. I also get the "what was I thinking" feeling when I think about our vaccinations in the past. I've read all of the data, but when I found my shot record this week and saw the small amount of vaccinations I had as a child compared to the vaccinations offered now, I was blown away. I think it's a very personal decision and I think it's fine if all the other children get all of their shots "on time". I just don't feel right doing it to my kids anymore.
I'm not exactly anti-vaccine, but I think the AAP uses a one size fits all approach that makes me uncomfortable. If I had realized why some vaccinations were given I would have refused them starting at birth. (I know it's not necessary for my just born baby to be vaccinated against an STD that neither parent has.)
Maggie is not "up to date" on her shots because we did refuse some vaccinations at her 4 year old check up. It isn't really a requirement that children receive all of the shots to be admitted into public schools and I think I gave her former pediatrician an education on that. Maggie has never received vaccinations against certain sicknesses like rotavirus.
Ellie has a doctor's appointment on December 23 and she will not be getting the flu vaccine. I'll do my research before the appointment and decide what others she will get/skip.

More babies & midwives- Decisions, decisions!
I feel completely comfortable saying that we will not have anymore babies ever.
Tomorrow, we may change our minds. We both say never, but permanently preventing babies is completely off-limits.
That being said, I need to find an Ob/Gyn office in the area that has midwives (because I HEART midwives). I have an office picked out that would deliver at the hospital that I want to have any future children at and of course, a hospital that our new (very well-liked) pediatrician has privileges in. I am having major issues with the thought of never seeing my precious midwives again. Peg, Rita and Wesley were all three wonderful. Of course, Peggy totally saved Maggie's life, delivered Ellie and was a major advocate for me when Ellie was stuck and I was trying desperately to have a VBAC. Right now it would be very difficult to drive the hour for my yearly appointment and find childcare for Maggie & Ellie, so it makes since to find a new provider.

There was one more thing on my mind, but I cannot remember what and now nap time is almost over!

Until Monday...


Anonymous said...

I know, flu shots are offered EVERYWHERE!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

just caught this post and wanted to say, good on you! :)

This is good stuff.


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

I've been catching up on your blog! I agree that vaccines are given a one-size-fits-all approach. You have to listen to your gut!

Anonymous said...

We have also found with our family that the one size fits all or typical case does is not always best for our family. We have found ourselves repeatedly in the position of advocating for our boys, often against the recommendations or best knowledge of our physicians. Thankfully due to the internet we have made the right choices for our family and have been able to educate our doctors along the way of possibilities and options they were not aware existed. Keep up the great work!

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