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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First "Day" of Preschool

The official "First Day of Preschool" picture.

The top picture was taken after I said, "If you smile I'll give you a gummy bear".

So...Ms. Muffin had her first meeting with her teacher, Ms. N. We were there for around 20 minutes to look at he class and go over all of the things that Muff will be doing this year. She wasn't as bubbly and enthusiastic as I was when I was a preschool teacher. I'm disappointed, but remain optimistic that she'll be a great teacher and will give Muff a positive preschool experience.

After our meeting we went to W.almart to get our list of "supplies", a.k.a. tissues, paper towels and wet wipes. Then, it was back to Nana's to retrieve Baby Ellie. Of course, The Muffin wanted to stay for lunch and the remainder of the day and maybe the week. She finally agreed to leave after Nana fixed her a plate of lunch to take with her. She ate nearly the whole plate of food and quickly went to sleep.

Thank. You . Sweet. Jesus.

I'm pretty sure that I prayed that she would nap today because yesterday, she did not. It was a long day. Big Daddy is going to the gym after work and will not be home until late and I need a break!

I spent the first hour of nap time filing out paperwork and feeding/changing Baby Ellie. The preschool forms exhausted me and I like filling out paperwork. I put the same emergency contact numbers on three different papers!!!! I explained that this was the doctor that she's had since birth, but this is the doctor that will see her now that we've moved, but he hasn't treated her and will not see her until her 4 year check up.

The papers asked pretty basic questions, but I was a little confused on what I should write where it asked, "Is there anything else that you can share with us that you feel is important when taking care of your child?". Um, yes.

I was immediately taken back to my last day of teaching preschool for the first time. (Did you follow that?) Reece's mom wrote that he was her heart and that I cherished that and that she would always remember me for it. Reece was one of my "favorites". He used to get so excited when I would come in and so sad when I left. I always took the time to prepare him that it was about time for me to leave. I so hated to see him cry after me. Now, I totally get what his mom was saying. (Reece is in high school now, works at a local restaurant, is a lifeguard and is girl crazy. I saw his mom at W.almart a few weeks ago.)

I was tempted to write a detailed letter about how I wanted a baby so bad and then finally became pregnant and thought I would lose her on the day that she was born. About how hard the first six (or so) months of her life were because I felt so guilty for having this sweet, little, perfect baby when so many other vp babies had died or been left with horrible health problems and she cried SO much. Or about how she drives me crazy and makes me sad and mad, but she is my heart and I'd do anything for her. Or how she has a horribly bad temper and can say things in the angriest voice you've ever heard, but she'll be your best friend ever if you'll let her.

I decided to just write that she's shy around strange situations, but warms up. She likes to try new things, but requires encouragement. That she is sometimes scared around "stranger dogs" and doesn't like for strangers to talk to her.

I didn't tell the preschool that she'd NEVER go on a field trip without me or Nana because I could never trust them that much. I also left out the part of how my expectations are extremely high because I used to do what they're doing and I took my job very seriously. I didn't remind them that this is my baby and that they'd better be good to her. I didn't do any of that. Maybe I'll save that for the real first day of preschool.


Tara said...

I hope The Muffin loves preschool and that it gives you a much needed break. Saw your mom briefly at church Sunday. You are lucky to have her nearby.

Joy said...

I worked in a preschool before, too. Elaina's school definitely does things differently.

And I agree about the field trips! I'll be 35 weeks pregnant for Elaina's first trip (which is an HOUR away) and yes, I'm going. I don't care if I break my back and my feet swell like melons. I'm going to be there.

It's so hard letting go! She's going to do great!!!

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