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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
I blog instead of scrapbooking in hopes of preserving a part of our life for the future.
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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Learned This Week

This is my first ever carnival and it just happens to be hosted by one of my most favorite bloggers, Jo-Lynne at Musings of A Housewife. She's hosting a carnival called, "What I Learned This Week". Feel free to click the button on my sidebar and join in the fun. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two!

-I learned that a toddler doesn't always give a warning before throwing up ALL over your bed. (on the day after all of the bed linens were washed, no less)
-Nothing can get me out of a funk faster than knowing that my husband needs help getting out of a much more serious funk.
-There is a reason that our Sunday school class is studying The Relationship Principles of Jesus and it has something to do with the fact that we could use a little help from Jesus in our relationships.
-After a discussion about communication in Sunday school, I learned that men and women really do communicate in totally different ways. (as if I needed a discussion to teach me this!)
-Feeling our Baby-to-be kick me always feels good.
-Feeling The Muffin kick me hurts my feelings and makes me sad and angry.
-Sweet Tea, hot tea or coffee may be my biggest pregnancy craving.
-Our Baby-to-be likes Communion bread almost as much as I do.


Homesteader in Training said...

#1 is good to know. It seems that you have learned some really good things this week. I always loved feeling a baby to be kick as well.

Sarah (GenMom) said...

awww, I love those days when you can feel the little baby growing and moving in you. It has been about 10.5 yrs since I felt that. My days are done on that. You have so many precious wonderful moments ahead. Children are amazing little creatures - pure good and pure evil all rolled into one -- which is where the part about needing Jesus' help really comes in handy.

jen@odbt said...

I've always wondering at what age kids realize puke is coming that they can actually get themselves to the bathroom or at least to a surface that's easily cleaned. I'm still waiting for that and my oldest will be 8 soon.

What an exciting time for you - I also miss those baby kicks. Thanks for stopping by.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Oh it always has to happen after you just wash the sheets! Yuk!

I love what you are learning in Sunday School. It's so important to include Christ in your relationships... He helps strengthen and overcome!

What a great week of learning for you especially the baby kicks!!!☺

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh yikes! #1 is a beast! Our girls still sleep with us and I am WAITING for that day. I know it's bound to come. BLECH! thanks for linking in! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh I can't wait to feel the baby kick (although far less excited about baby puke!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love meeting new bloggers - the best part of carnivals!

Jennifer said...

Great list! I remember the #1 days very well...almost, like it was yesterday. I loved the feeling of my baby kicking, flipping and wiggling around in my's been over 14 years but some memories never fade.

JanMary said...

Great - love it how we love it when babies kick us on the inside, but we aren't so enthusiastic when it is external!

Lovely blog, nice to "meet" you.

carol ~ i throw like a girl said...

Oh, yes, toddlers and throw up...always a surprise and not in a good way!

Windy said...

Funny how knowing someone else needs you, makes you get on with it;)

Carolina Mama said...

Those pregnancy cravings sounded familiar. :)

Darcie said...

I know that first one all too well. There must be some law of the universe that says that toddlers vomit only *after* the laundry has all been done.

And the sweet tea craving? That's a different one. It could be a lot worse! I'm a huge fan of sweet tea personally, especially the fruit flavored ones like peach or passion fruit...yum!

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