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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
I blog instead of scrapbooking in hopes of preserving a part of our life for the future.
We enjoy beach trips, going to Church and spending time together...all as a family...because that's what we are.

our VP miracle, Maggie

our VP miracle, Maggie
loves homeschooling, sign language, Jesus, reading, church, writing songs and dancing

our sweet Ellie

our sweet Ellie
loves her sister, going to church and the library, singing, babies, chocolate and being naked

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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Weekend Review

Overall, we had a nice weekend. There's really nothing to say about Saturday, except I went to the grocery store alone and replaced my old black sweater coat that needed to be laid to rest.

On Sunday, Baby Ellie was SO excited about her half birthday that she started partying around 5:30! I wasn't quite as excited and I might have threatened to shoot myself at some point. It is sweet when she starts doing her happy squeal and I can hear it in the baby monitor, but good golly, I'm tired!

We had no trouble making it to the 9:30 service at the new church. The Muffin was excited to show me her class and the girl with the "curly teeth" (she'd never seen braces and didn't know what they were!). Baby Ellie made it an entire hour and a half without me! Big Daddy and I joked that our pager was probably broken, but her teacher said she was sweet, happy and playful. It is such a blessing and an answered prayer to feel comfortable leaving both girls at church!

After church it was party time! We decided to change clothes and have a little snack before going to our friend L's second birthday party. It was our first time meeting him (outside of the belly) and he was even cuter than in the pictures that his mommy has sent me! One of the few highlights of living back in my hometown, is being close to my old friends and getting to go to their childrens' birthday parties! Baby Ellie seemed to like my sweet friend M, and The Muffin enjoyed the science center where the party was held. Of course, her favorite thing was the little exhibit where you push a button to watch how a tornado forms. She is totally obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. I'm totally obsessed with M's boots and plan to look for a pair just like them tomorrow! I'd like to replicate her entire outfit!!! Ha!

I pulled out the stroller for this outing and Baby Ellie managed to ride for a little while. She started getting fussy, so I pulled out the ring sling. The Muffin was eager to ride in the stroller, because she loves getting in and out of it, so everyone was happy! We decided to make a "quick" trip outside to visit the animals. It was so cold!! Baby Ellie was all tucked into the sling and then wore The Muffins old pink hat and I wrapped a blanket around her legs. We got a little carried away with our animal-watching and stayed out for quite a while. Ellie fell asleep and looked so sweet...from my view. Big Daddy took a picture of us after I'd pulled the sling up over her head and you could barely see her! She was all snug and cozy! I literally get teary eyed when I imagine her being to big to wear!

I'm much too tired to get the camera, so stay tuned for a "Wordless Wednesday" post later on.

I'm just catching up on blogs and ran across this post from Stephanie. It is a must watch!!


Tara said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and you are right, it has been cold!! We stayed in all weekend except for church.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Ha, 9:30 is such a hard time! Why don't they make it 9:45???? Anyway, thank you for the e newsletter! I love the photos and hearing about your life this past year.

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