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our VP miracle, Maggie

our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie

our sweet Ellie
loves her sister, going to church and the library, singing, babies, chocolate and being naked

Monday, January 24, 2011

How we do t.v.

Maggie started Kindermusik at 18 months old. That's around the time that we started going downstairs for breakfast and then going back upstairs to get ready for our day-either cleaning, errands, Storytime or Kindermusik. We would usually have PBS on for a little background noise while she was playing in my bathtub (without water) or trying on all of my shoes and scarves.

There were mornings that "Curious George" saved me. And "Sid the Science Kid". And "Martha". And don't get me started on "Super Why!".

Maggie and I were reading books in the floor with "Sesame Street" on in the background the day that I realized she could count to ten. The Count would say a number and Maggie would say the next number. The "Number of the Day" that day was 11.

Once we moved out of our old house and welcomed Ellie our entire routine changed. And we cut out most of our t.v. time. Maggie usually watches two 30 minute PBS shows on days that she doesn't have preschool. We usually watch full length movies together in the evening. Maggie often asks to watch the movie over again and never have I ever let her do that.

I'm not big on the whole "Baby Einstein" thing for a three month old. To be honest, it makes me sick to hear people say that their little baby loves to watch Baby Einstein or Noggin, but we all do whatever works for us. I always felt like maybe the poor baby is sitting in front of the t.v. in an exersaucer or a bouncy seat and has no choice but to watch the only thing that's paying it any attention.

Maggie learned most of her baby signs from Baby Einstein's "My First Signs" that she received for her first birthday. On a day when I was quickly reaching the end of my rope, I put in "Baby Signs" and Ellie paid absolutely no attention to it. The only thing that she pays attention to on t.v. is Funny Videos, animals or music. I wouldn't have it any other way. She has never sat down to watch a show, but she'll stop what she's doing until the animal goes away or the song is over.

Big Daddy's nephew, 'I', (Big Daddy's brother's son) is a month older than Maggie and is addicted to all of those Noggin/Nickelodeon shows and I think it really opened Big Daddy's eyes up to the whole television addiction reality. 'I' has spent A LOT of time at his grandparents' house since he was about 12 months old and let's face it, t.v. is an easy babysitter if you are too sedentary to entertain a child by playing with them. When we go to my in-laws house Big Daddy almost always turns the radio off in the kitchen and has to turn the television down in the living room. They ALWAYS have both of them on. On Christmas Eve the house was full of people and the radio and t.v. were blaring. Big Daddy turned the t.v. off and 'I' freaked!! You would have thought that Big Daddy had taken his crack pipe away.

Big Daddy's mom has always tried to get Maggie to watch the Noggin shows, and Big Daddy always explains that we limit her t.v. because it causes her to turn to jello. (Which may explain part of the reason that Big Daddy's mom is the way she is. I digress.) took a while for Big Daddy to realize that too much t.v. is not good for Maggie. If I'm doing my usual Saturday chores (making beds or putting away laundry since I don't do real housework on the weekend) Big Daddy often turns the t.v. to PBS for background noise. Maggie becomes a vegetable on the couch. Once I tell him that we need to turn the t.v. off someone has a tantrum. The same thing happens after most full-length movies that we watch. My favorite Maggie excuse for why we should watch a long movie over again is that she "never wanted that movie to end".

One of the highlights for Maggie when she stays with my mom or my sister is that she gets unlimited t.v.- my sister even lets her watch those horrible "Barbie and the ____ " movies! After Ellie's doctor's visit on Tuesday, Maggie started telling me about something that happened on Sesame Street. I asked if she watched it at Nana's and she said, "I wasn't watching it, but was listening to it so that I wouldn't miss something."

And that explains why I'm in charge.

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Christina said...

I've never actually "limited" t.v. for my boys, but thankfully it's not been a problem either! Joshua LOVES Franklin and of course Toy Story, so that's basically all he watches. Maxton and Joshua both would actually prefer being outside or playing in their "clubhouse/closet" to watching t.v. ANYDAY! Alan is really my only addict, and his drug of choice is ESPN! Ohh and the people who say their baby LOVES t.v really irk me too:))

Tara said...

While we don't hold exactly the same views, I don't allow A to watch tv all the time, non-stop either. Except for a couple of shows/movies, he would be ok not watching any of it. He watched less than 30 minutes of it all weekend but he was constantly busy with family too. Going to preschool has limited his tv time. I know for a fact he has learned a lot of good, educational stuff watching PBS but I will probably limit it a little more with Baby #2.

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