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I'm The Mommy, a SAHM to Maggie & Ellie. I'm married to Big Daddy, an engineer, grad student and our hard-working provider.
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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rambling Post

We had a really great Saturday and Sunday and spent all of our time together as a family of four! It was quite blissful.

We spent most of the time before lunch in our pajamas in our bedroom. Maggie and Ellie were playing and Big Daddy and I were unpacking his clothes and planning out the next few months. I'm amazed at how much better we feel just because we know that we aren't about to move. We have really felt unsettled since March of 2009 when he accepted the job that we moved here for. Just a few weeks into the job he was pretty sure that he had made a mistake, but we were focused on preparing for Ellie's arrival and getting settled somewhere. Moving isn't a big deal for some people, but it is for us. Both of our parents live in the houses that we grew up in and moving isn't our thing.

Anyway, we started talking about different things that we want to do. One of the things that we have been discussing for well over a year is getting a new car. Big Daddy found a car like he has been wanting for a few years and so we went to look at it, but we keep going back to minivans and how nice it would be to have one.

After looking at cars, we went out to dinner and shopping. Big Daddy bought new bedding for our bedroom because I've been looking at bedding for months. Each time that I find a set that I want he tells me to get it and I refuse to commit. This set was $50 off, so I snatched it up! We spent a few hours on Sunday evening moving curtains from room to room to make everything work. The living room curtains were moved to our bedroom, the curtains at the french doors were moved to the living room and the bedroom curtains were moved to the french doors. I also bought another set of panels for the dining room because Big Daddy decided that they weren't "full enough". And then he said, "When did I start caring about curtains?" My thoughts exactly.

(Yes. I need to iron the dust ruffle.)

Our bedroom is Sherwin Williams "Svelte Sage" which is very close to Dutch Boy "Still", the color of our old formal dining room. I love the color, but it can be tricky to match. It's a neutral khaki/green color. Of course, the rest of the house (except for Maggie's pink room) is SW "Stucco" which matches the color of the spare bedroom in our old house, Valspar's "Light Raffia". I mentioned on Sunday that our living/dining room/foyer seemed too builder's beige and Big Daddy said, "Why did we pick this color anyway?" I reminded him that we used the paint samples from our old house because we had to pick colors while I was in the hospital and that it was his job to go to Sherwin Williams and match the colors. Then he told me to have it repainted if I wanted to. Ha!!

After we had all of the curtains in place, I started ironing Big Daddy's work clothes and he realized he had "lost" a very important notebook with very important things written in it that he "always" keeps in the gun safe. We spent two hours looking for it everywhere from the kitchen to the attic. We were upstairs looking in the file cabinet and the attic while the girls were playing kitchen in the bonus room when I decided to check under our bed downstairs. The only thing that's usually under there is an under bed storage box with extra blankets. Of course, that's where the notebook was. In plain sight. On his side of the bed. Right where he had left it.

While Big Daddy and Maggie were going through the entire gun safe looking for the notebook he also took out every gun and had them scattered about our bedroom. I had no idea what I would see each time I walked through the bedroom to hang his clothes in the closet. Imagine my surprise when I saw Big Daddy posing with his birthday gun from 2000 while Maggie was taking pictures. Have I mentioned that she takes lots of pictures? They are always amusing, but this one may be my favorite... or maybe this one that she took when we visited Gammy Gladys:

And about the pink of the highlight's of Ellie's evening is sitting in Maggie's room and listening to the nightly Bible story. If you tell her that it's time for the story, she climbs on the bed and gets all settled in for the latest adventure from "The Jesus Storybook Bible". Big Daddy has been taking over some of the Bible reading duties.

And that brings us all the way up to Monday.
Which we are not going to talk about.
Because yes, it was that bad.

In the midst of my really bad day, I called my mommy-friend, April. We have so much in common with our two children being nearly the same age and our husbands have a lot in common too. I always feel like we are sort of in the same boat and she can always make me feel better and give me a reason to laugh. She is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. They will be doing laser surgery and a skin graft on her lower lip. It's a fairly extensive procedure where they will remove (hopefully) all of the cancerous tissue and then take skin from her hip to replace her lower lip. She has already asked the doctor if he could give her "full, pouty lips"! Please keep her in your prayers. Right now she is really concerned about the way that she will look and what her children will think about it. It is also supposed to be very painful since the laser surgery that they'll be doing will leave her with the equivalent of third degree burns. I'm going to try to visit her as soon as she's ready.

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Tara said...

D would appreciate all the SW references in this post. I was looking at paint samples last night for A's "new" room. Your "new" room looks the colors.

There was a lot in that post...don't remember what all I wanted to comment on. The picture of BD is frame material :-)

We've been thinking about a new car but it's still going to be a while and I'm still not planning on a minivan...who knows.

Lisa said...

Wow....I haven't commented in a while. Sorry. :( Love your room! But I mostly loved hearing about all of the things you did with your little family. :)

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