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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Interrupt This Pregnancy To Bring You An Uh-Oh

I spoke with Nurse Audrey at my OB/GYN's office this morning. "We" think that it sounds like sciatica, but she said it also have something to do with the baby's positioning. Of course, I had already decided this on saturday evening, but I like to get a second opinion and keep the midwives informed. So, the baby isn't even here yet and it's already getting on my nerves??? Oh, I kid. The baby is not getting on my nerves. I'm in no pain, but it's sort of strange to have constant numbness and tingling in one leg. If things, worsen or change, I'm to call the midwives a.s.ap. If nothing changes, I'll be seeing my perky midwife Wesley Tyler next week. It is such a blessing to have three midwives and want all of them to deliver your baby!

First, we'll start with the Uh-Oh portion of the post...
Last night my right leg started going a little numb and it worsened throughout the night and today. I'm going to call the midwives tomorrow because I really don't want the Labor & Delivery nurses to tell me to head to the ER. I'm sure if it's what I think it is (sciatica) that it will wait until tomorrow and I can avoid a tremendous bill. Big Daddy will take the necessary time off work to be with Muff or go to the doctor with me and Nana is on stand-by in case we need extended care. Please pray that this is not anything big and that I'll have no further of those complications being bedrest. That would so mess up mine and the Muffin's arrangement.

On a brighter, more exciting note, we picked out the bedding for the baby's room! It's a secret (except for my sister, mom, aunt, Muff and Big Daddy) for now, just in case something happens and we aren't able to get it. It's gender neutral ,just in case the baby is not a girl and it is not real baby-ish, which was my biggest requirement. My other big requirements were no green, no theme and no animals. All of the bedding sets we picked out were blue and brown, but the final choice is not a boy-blue and not a chocolate brown. (I think it's beautiful and I keep pulling up the picture to look at it!!) Muff's bedding was sage green and then we she came, we added little pink accents to her room. This decor can go girly or boyish when we add the final touches. Now, if Big Daddy will just clean all of his stuff out of there we can get started! I'll have to order the bedding and then pick out the paint color. I had a great painter (Nana/my mom)volunteer to paint for me such I'm a pregnant asthmatic with a husband who is inacapable of NOT messing things up. Am I blessed or what!?!

Muff is down for her nap with her beloved yellow blankets and I'm about to grab my yellow blanket and hit the bed too. All of this while Big Daddy is at the gym. We were all able to go to church and The Muffin was especially happy to be back with her friends in Sunday school.


Christina said...

I'm sure the discomfort you are feeling is nothing more than sciatica!! I suffered with it really badly during my last two pregnancies! The frist one was a breeze!!! The last one was by far the worst! But we'll be prating for you anyway. Let us know how everything goes. You just love teasing us with little details but not giving us the whole picture, don't you!! Giving just enough to keep us coming back for more!

Andrew's mommy said...

Didn't you tell me you had that same problem with The Muffin? Let's hope it's nothing too serious.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I used to get sciatica. Not fun. Feel better!!

Joy said...

I had sciatic pain SO BAD with my second daughter. The nurse actually told me that most 2nd pregnancies do have really bad sciatic pain--- isn't that WEIRD?! So hopefully my next baby won't be such a pain in the... well... you know!

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