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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Finding A Church-Part 2

So, this past Sunday was special at our church...I should say it was more special than usual. I always feel like something special has happened in the early service or in our Sunday school class.

It was the first Sunday of the month, so I was excited about Communion. (I love Communion) Anyway, the associate pastor delivered a wonderful message. Near the end of his message, I noticed two men that came in and sat down on the other side of the church. We had prayer and then we took our place in line to have Communion. I noticed them near the end of the line and the pastor welcomed them when it was their turn to break bread.
After Communion one of the men stood up and began to speak. Pastor Mike stopped him and invited him to the front of the church. He told us (through tears) that he had come with his son to pick up the contents of his wife's car. He said she had been killed the previous month in a car accident in our town. The had traveled about 6 hours to get here and their car had broken down. They had enough money to fix it, but it had taken all that they had. He told us about the church that they attended in their town and asked for our forgiveness if he had offended anyone and by asking for help. Someone immediately got an offering plate and we took up money for them.
After the offering, the pastor asked him to close in prayer. He had missed the pastor's message, but the scripture that he quoted went right along with it. The pastor hadn't even realized that it was Communion Sunday and his message went along with breaking bread together. Big Daddy and I usually give The Muffin all of our cash for her offering, but he had left his wallet in the car and I had left my purse in the sanctuary when we took Muff to the nursery. We actually had cash on us. I handed Big Daddy my wallet and he emptied it into the plate. After the service we met the pastor in the hallway as he was telling someone who doesn't attend that service about the visitors. Big Daddy told him about how we actually had money. It seemed like it was all just meant to be.

In Sunday school we discussed the visitors and how you couldn't help but be skeptical of people's intentions these days. Then, we talked about judging other people and how we we would be judged for how we treated them regardless of their intentions. I think about how sad it would've been if the had to come to our church needing help and we had turned them away.


Q. and La. said...

Wow! That is an incredible story! Thanks for sharing!!!

Tara said...

I am glad your church helped but in this day and time, I think it's only natural to doubt people and question their motives. When I help people, I just hope they are so convicted over the wrong (if they really didn't need the money or use it for what they said) and let God handle it! I'll never know either way so it makes me feel good to know/think I've helped someone. I do not give money to panhandlers though.

Tara said...
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