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our VP miracle, Maggie
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our sweet Ellie
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I hope he had a happy Valentine's Day

**I'm not trying to make fun of anyone or any of the products mentioned. This is merely the musings of a sleep-deprived mother of a teething baby and strong-willed child.**

So...I went to the pharmacy with Ellie on buy medicine for my toenail fungus. I was a little embarrassed and had one of those moments where I hoped that I wouldn't run into anyone from my childhood or from high school while I was picking out which fungus medicine I wanted to buy. (I have found that running into people from high school is a huge downside to living here...with the exception of people that I have talked to since high school. I want people to know that I married, left here and then came back and haven't just been living in a closet at my parents' house for all these years.)


I was standing in line with Ellie and my fungus medication when I realized that Ellie was mesmerized by the man behind us. I had thought it might be the younger looking man that spoke to her when we were almost to the fungus medication, but it wasn't.

It was a man in his early to late forties. And he had two things in his hand as he juggled his cell phone. (And btw, Ellie was looking at his cell phone)

He had V.agisil and a box of (maybe 6 or 8) little bottles of some sort of K-Y brand product (massage oil maybe???).

The part that seemed so funny to me was that he was calling his wife at work. She was unavailable so he (loudly) left her name, his name and his phone number and he had to repeat all three.

I left the pharmacy knowing his wife's name, his name and number and what he was buying.

And that's what you've been waiting for. I hope you're not disappointed and found it at least somewhat amusing.

If you read this PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know if it made you laugh or if my sense of humor has left with my sanity.

I hope you are celebrating or have celebrated Valentine's Day in your own special way. You know we did.


Tara said...

That was funny but not in a side splitting kinda way. Funny because if I had to go in and get something like that I would have flown WAYY under the radar. In and out without making eye contact with anybody and halfway hid the stuff from eyesight....def. not talking on my cell phone and giving out all my personal information.

Christina said...

Well you made me laugh out loud!! That was a funny story, hope he and You guys have a very happy V-day!!

Lisa said...

ha!!! I laughed! See, in my "old" age, I have grasped on to the realization that life why not have fun in it?!! It's a fact that people buy that stuff, fact of life! I've been know once or twice, to say things a bit on the loud side while in walmart or something, to embarrass my teenager or something! Nothing bad, just havin' a little fun!! ha!! You've made me think of a good post idea...hmmmm......!! Thanks for sharing!

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